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With sustainability always in focus, we design, produce and deliver ready-mixed concrete. 

We offer a wide range of services as a complement to our products. Regardless of the complexity of your project, our experienced technicians will find the solution.

For special and demanding constructions and applications, we design tailor-made products that fulfill all the requirements and needs for a specific project.

Based on extensive research, we have crafted a number of unique products with defined characteristics ready to order for your projects.

We have developed products suitable for specific purposes. It can be a high-strength concrete for high-rise constructions, improved working environment or decorative solutions. We also offer products such as screeds, surface treatment solutions, and light-weight filling material.

We offer concrete mixes based on national standards and produced according to customer specifications and pre-selected technical criteria.

At a project’s initial stage, a dialogue with the customer allows us to advise and create a product of the appropriate class and correct consistency to meet project requirements. We also offer qualified help in predicting concrete strength and monitoring heat development and carbon footprint.

We offer support services at the construction site before, during, and after placement. These include testing quality, consistency, and compressive strength. To enable more effective operations, customers can use our digital tool to monitor logistical data such as concrete batching, deliveries, and delivery tickets.

We can provide a solution for difficult placements, ex. conveyor trucks (in select markets), to take the place of pump trucks in certain situations. With our mix of front and rear discharge ready mix trucks, we can supply the equipment that best suits job site conditions.

Our promise is high quality ready-mixed concrete, on site, on time. Owning our fleet of mixer trucks enables us to deliver this high-quality service. This allows us to control all aspects of transport and uphold the high standards we’ve set for ourselves.

Our projects

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Stealth Sculpture Atlanta

Low-carbon concrete

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