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We are first and foremost a committed team that cares for each other, our customers and wider society. By supporting each other, encouraging innovation, putting safety first and promoting health and well-being, Team Thomas is ready and able to fulfil its social responsibilities.

Safety Vision and Policy

Safety Vision
We are a committed team that cares and acts in the best interest of our customers, colleagues and company. Our company vision is to be perceived as being the best in our industry including safety first. We lead with safety and promote a culture where all employees value safety as a way of life.

Safety Policy
 We ensure that safety is a value in every aspect of our business and measure it regularly.

 We insist on a safe operating environment, application of safe operating procedures, and employee compliance with all company safety policies and governmental regulations.

Healthy and Happy Colleagues​

At Team Thomas, we are dedicated to fostering a positive working environment that promotes the well-being of all our employees. We prioritize physical safety and cultivate an atmosphere where open communication and creative exchange are encouraged, empowering our team to share their ideas and impact their work.

We believe that treating each other with equality and respect for our differences is essential, both within the company and in our external interactions. By promoting wellness, we enhance the overall health and happiness of our colleagues, which in turn benefits our business. Healthy and content employees contribute positively to our organization and deliver better service to our customers.

Community Involvement

We believe in the importance of giving back to the communities where we live and work. Our commitment to community involvement is demonstrated through various initiatives and volunteer programs that encourage our employees to engage in meaningful activities.

Learn more about our community efforts on our Community page.

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