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Concrete Temperature Control with NITROcrete™

Product Description

Concrete Temperature Control with NITROcrete™.  At Thomas Concrete we use liquid nitrogen technology to fine-tune the concrete temperature at the plant. The cooled aggregate stabilizes the concrete temperature during transit, reducing evaporation and minimizing risk of plastic shrinkage.

Stable temperature and slump in transit allows for less added water and lower water-to-cement ratio, as well as higher break strength.


  • For all concrete applications
  • Residential mixes
  • Standard commercial mixes
  • High spec mixes


  • Concrete temperature control
  • Reduced slump loss for fresh concrete
  • No alteration in mix design; water content remains stable
  • Higher cement dissolution rate
  • Increased finishability windows
  • Reduced micro-cracking during early strength development


Normal finishing process for the application.

Product Sheet

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