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Our History

In 1955, the foundation for what is today known as Thomas Concrete Group was laid by Martin Thomas with the establishment of AB Färdig Betong in Karlstad, Sweden. Since its inception, the company has grown from a local Swedish business into an international entity, still under the leadership of the Thomas family. Spanning over seven decades, Thomas Concrete Group has established a significant presence in the concrete industry across Northern Europe and the southeastern United States, reflecting our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

It all began back in 1955 when the first production plant for ready-mixed concrete was set up in Karlstad, Sweden, by Martin Thomas, an engineer with great entrepreneurial spirit.

Operations entered the German market in 1965.



After the acquisition of his first three plants in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Thomas followed this initial venture with the addition of six more plants within two years.

The nineties saw expansion into the Raleigh, Charlotte, and Upstate South Carolina markets through strategic acquisitions.

During this time, the Central Laboratory (C-Lab) opened in Sweden in 1994, enhancing our research and development capabilities, and our international operations expanded into Poland in 1997.



During this time, we focused on refining our core offerings and strengthening relationships with our customers. This period was dedicated to enhancing the quality of our concrete products and services, solidifying our reputation as a reliable partner in the construction industry.

This decade brought further growth in the Upstate and Metro Atlanta markets and the acquisition of Coastal Concrete, expanding our reach into the Coastal Carolinas and Midlands. The 2018 purchase of ready-mix assets from Vulcan Materials Company cemented our status as a leading supplier in Metro Atlanta.



Ongoing efforts to identify and establish a presence in key markets, ensuring long-term reliability and excellent service for our customers.

Today and Beyond

As one of the largest independent suppliers of ready-mixed concrete in the Southeast, Thomas Concrete prides itself on an extensive network of plants that ensures proximity to our customers and their projects. This strategic positioning not only facilitates short transportation distances but also underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship.

At Thomas Concrete, we are dedicated to building a sustainable future through high-quality, environmentally responsible concrete solutions. Our rich history is not just a record of our past, but a blueprint for our continued pursuit of excellence and innovation in the concrete industry.

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