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Technical Advisory

Through an open dialogue with our customers at the initial stage of the project, we are able to advise and create the right product of the appropriate class and the correct consistency that meets customer needs and project requirements. We offer support with predicting strength, heat development, and carbon footprint.

Selecting the Right Product

We help our customers to choose the right product fulfilling all relevant requirements and expectations. Together we discuss the conditions of the project, analyzing documents, regulations, and drawings. We offer prognosis and calculations to secure the right choice of concrete product. For example:

  • Cold Weather Concrete Solutions: We can help you with strength prognosis for our products in cold weather. We advice on different products and other cold weather arrangements to ensure you achieve your goals for formwork removal on time.
  • Heat and Temperature Management: We can predict the heat and temperature differences in massive structures, providing advice on product selection and measures to minimize the cracking risk.
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation: We help you calculate the carbon footprint for your project based on the chosen product, aiding in sustainable construction practices.

Project Development

Our goal is to partner with architects, engineers, and contractors from the outset, ensuring that the concrete solutions selected are tailored to the specific needs of the project. By involving our technical services team early in the project lifecycle, we can help you design and specify the most suitable concrete mixes for your requirements.

  • Early Stage Consultation: Engage with our experts during the initial design phase to explore the best concrete solutions for your project.
  • Customized Mix Design: Benefit from our experience in creating customized mix designs that meet your project’s unique specifications and regulatory requirements.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: Collaborate with us to identify potential challenges and develop proactive solutions that optimize your project’s success.
  • Regulatory and Document Analysis: We assist in reviewing and interpreting relevant documents, regulations, and drawings to ensure compliance and optimal design.

We provide valuable workshops and consultations on utilizing our sustainable products. Our presentations cover Our Green Offer and how our concrete can support your eco-friendly construction needs, including satisfying requirements for LEED and green building certifications.

We are The Concrete Specialists

By partnering with Thomas Concrete early in your project, you gain access to our extensive expertise and innovative solutions, helping to ensure that the concrete aspects of your project are well-planned and executed solutions that optimize your project’s success.

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