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We Know Concrete

Producing and distributing high-quality concrete starts with the knowledge and expertise of a committed team. Our offer reflects this, and Team Thomas delivers a wide, versatile product range and a portfolio of supporting services designed to provide the technical and logistical support your project demands. 

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Ready-Mixed Concrete

Thomas Concrete has almost 40 years of experience in the production and delivery of ready-mixed concrete. Versatility, sustainability, and pure aesthetics mean it is the most widely used building material, and we offer customers a wide range of ready-mixed products. From standard products to special or tailor-made mixes and low-carbon concrete, whatever your projects demand, we can mix it and deliver it.

Our Green Offer

With a focus on developing more sustainable solutions, innovating in waste and material usage and reducing emissions from our products and operations, our green customer offer is already delivering encouraging results. More importantly, it also gives us the drive and optimism to further increase our efforts to create a more sustainable society.

Our projects

Lyman Lake Spillway

Stealth Sculpture Atlanta

Low-carbon concrete

1111 South Tryon

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