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Technical Support

At Thomas Concrete, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive technical support to ensure the quality and performance of our concrete products. Our technical team leverages state-of-the-art equipment and extensive expertise to offer a range of support services.

Laboratory Support

  • Concrete Testing: We conduct both in-house and on-site testing of concrete to ensure it meets stringent quality standards. Our tests include compressive strength, slump, air content, and more, to verify that the concrete performs as expected.
  • Raw Material Testing: Our technical team rigorously tests raw materials, such as aggregates and cement, to guarantee the delivery of a high-quality product to the jobsite. We ensure that all raw materials meet industry standards before they are used in our concrete mixes.

Strength Measurement of the Finished Structure

  • Temperature and Strength Development: We assist with measuring temperature and monitoring strength development in concrete structures. This process ensures that the concrete has reached the appropriate strength for formwork removal and continues to develop the necessary structural integrity over time. We use advanced sensors and data logging to provide accurate and reliable measurements.

Moisture and Desiccation Design

  • Moisture Measurement: Our authorized controllers are equipped with advanced tools to measure moisture levels in concrete accurately. This service is crucial for ensuring proper curing and avoiding issues related to excessive moisture, such as cracking or reduced durability. We provide detailed reports and recommendations based on our findings.

Quality Control

  • Fresh and Hardened Concrete Testing: We conduct thorough tests on both fresh and hardened concrete to verify its properties and ensure it meets the required standards. Our testing includes workability, density, compressive strength, and durability assessments to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the concrete’s performance.
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