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For Thomas Concrete to be socially and environmentally responsible, we must remain financially solid. Without conducting profitable business, we cannot invest in the research and innovation that ultimately leads to the development of sustainable societies.

Thomas Concrete Group is an independent, family-owned company. It was founded by Mr. Martin Thomas, and the Group is still fully owned by the Thomas family, a family that has a sincere wish to nurture and develop the company for the future as a strong international and independent group.

The Thomas Family’s goal has always been to build a business for future generations and to reinvest the majority of the profit. From the beginning, Thomas Concrete Group has aimed for a sustainable business, one that is profitable over a long period of time and which creates a good workplace for its employees. By valuing accountability, compliance, clearly defined objectives, and good dialogue, we desire to be our customer’s preferred concrete supplier.

Our long-term financial objectives are ambitious. Overall annual targets are set and agreed upon in the forecast process, allowing us to improve results with each step along the way and achieve our vision of being perceived as the best in our industry.

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