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Concrete is essential for building resilient and sustainable societies. We live in a rapidly developing world where urbanization is at the forefront. There already is, and will continue to be, an increasingly growing need for infrastructure, tunnels, bridges, power plants, homes, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. At the same time, all building materials used today have an environmental impact. This creates the challenge of balancing economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

We believe that sustainability creates value for our business, our employees, our customers, our owners, and society. As The Concrete Specialists, we are determined to maximize this value and continuously strive to minimize the negative impact throughout the life cycle of concrete.








To be an industry leader in
providing sustainable products
and services.

Balancing the pillars of sustainability

Concrete is literally the foundation on which we build our sustainable societies. Therefore, concrete is, at its core, a sustainable material. To successfully achieve our sustainable development commitments, we base our work in the three pillars of sustainability: society, environment, and economy.

Determining the degree to which a building material is sustainable requires the evaluation and balance of the economic, social, and environmental aspects of the structure over its entire life cycle. From a life cycle perspective, concrete meets high sustainability demands. Concrete is strong, durable, fire resistant, affordable, and locally available. A concrete structure has a service life that exceeds 100 years, during which it requires minimal maintenance. Concrete has many properties that serve as prerequisites for sustainable construction.

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We are, first and foremost, a committed team that cares for each other, our customers and wider society. By supporting each other, encouraging innovation, putting safety first and promoting health and well-being, Team Thomas is ready and able to fulfil its social responsibilities.

Reducing long-term environmental impact across all local and global processes is our aim. We believe this can be achieved by striving to develop solutions for the sustainable society of tomorrow. With clearly defined objectives, compliance accountability, common development and constructive dialogue, we aim to be our customer’s first choice concrete producer.

For Thomas Concrete to be socially and environmentally responsible, we must remain financially solid. If we are unable to conduct profitable business, we cannot invest in the research and innovation that ultimately leads to the development of sustainable societies. We can achieve this by remaining fully committed to our business model and being prepared to meet the challenges created by changes in the global economic situation.

Team Thomas
Sustainability Report 2023

Discover how Team Thomas harmonizes products, services and broad industry knowledge to drive the development of sustainable, low-carbon concrete construction.

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