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Controlled low-strength proprietary blend material.

Product Description

THOMAFILL is a controlled low-strength proprietary blend of sand and cementitious materials that is designed to flow seamlessly as a self-leveling and self-compacting construction product.

It can be batched at a consistency to accommodate a wide range of applications that traditional aggregate base compaction methods are unable to achieve.

It can be used in conjunction with THOMACOLOR for easy identification purposes. Red & Yellow.

Excavatable and non-excavatable options are available.


Commercial and Residential Use

  • Abandoning sewer systems
  • Utility work (i.e. duct bank)
  • Line storm drainage ditches for erosion control
  • Pavement base
  • Soil stabilization
  • Erosion control
  • Filling voids
  • Ensures soil sufficiency


  • Can be placed in any condition
  • Economical alternative
  • Other compaction aggregates
  • Controllable set times
  • Eliminates checks for settlement issues
  • Good fluidity
  • Ensures compaction sufficiency
  • Eliminates compaction equipment
  • Access to hard-to-reach places where compaction is needed

Product Sheet

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