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Digital Services

At Thomas Concrete, we firmly believe that the digitalization of the construction industry will be a key in finding more efficient ways of working. Better transparency and real time data will help us make more sustainable choices in the future. That’s why we invest in business development projects and actively seek out new possibilities for our digital platforms.

Our customer portal My Concrete® is our platform for providing improved digital services to our customers. The application facilitates and streamlines order and delivery management, offers real time tracking and push notifications about deliveries, and gives our customers the opportunity to download digital delivery tickets. With the help of My Concrete®, customers can better plan and coordinate their work at construction sites, thus optimizing concrete transportation and placement time. With My Concrete® you can:

  • Get full control of your projects and orders
  • Download digital delivery notes and invoices
  • Receive push notifications about ongoing concrete deliveries and follow the deliveries in real time
  • Monitor the concrete’s curing in real time with digital strength measurement
  • Forecast when the concrete’s strength reaches its target value with the help of AI

Need an account? Contact your sales representative or Customer Care.

Optimizing Services using Data

We can assist customers with concrete optimization services, with particular focus on providing data on strength, alternative binders and environmental footprint. We also offer different CO2 savings estimations and simulations of heat and strength development of the concrete to foresee necessary actions to be taken at the construction site.

We can provide qualified advice during the design phase, optimizing concrete design and proactively addressing construction issues. We cover all aspects of concrete performance, leveraging the latest technology. Additionally, we create or review specifications to enhance durability and constructability.

We offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our products and projects. In addition to increasing transparency, these help customers make more sustainable choices.

Thomas Concrete Group & Microsoft

Compared to many other industries, the construction industry is generally behind in terms of digitalization. However, at Thomas Concrete Group, we aim to be at the forefront of the industry’s digitalization journey. With the help of Microsoft, we have taken huge steps in developing digital services that help our customers. In turn, Microsoft has selected Thomas Concrete Group as a role model for other companies to learn from. As this collaboration continues, we will receive even more support in bringing new digital services to the market.

Monitoring Maturity with Sensors

Since 2021, we have offered an easy to use plug-and-play service that allows our customers to monitor, in real time, the maturity development of their concrete. In-depth information about the maturity progress is sent directly to the My Concrete® portal for our customers to view, and a maturity report is available for download for each measurement. This allows for our customers to better plan their construction schedule, save time and money, and reduce waste.

Real time insights of concrete properties and performance on the jobsite can help customers take the right actions to ensure quality of the cast and reduce potential energy losses and waste.

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