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The Concrete

After almost 40 years of serving customers, we are one of the leading suppliers of high quality ready-mixed concrete in the Southeast. By combining delivery of concrete with our wide range of services, we can provide complete and effective solutions for your construction projects.

We are The Concrete Specialists.

Our Offer

Ready-Mixed Concrete

With sustainability always in focus, we design, produce and deliver a market-leading range of high-quality, ready-mixed concrete products.

Our Green Offer

With a focus on developing sustainable solutions, innovating in material usage and reducing emissions from our products and operations.

At Thomas Concrete, care for people and the environment is crucial. That’s why sustainability is and has been important to Team Thomas for a long time – a fact that is best illustrated in our Group’s mission statement “To be the closest to customers and together actively contribute to building a sustainable society.”

Our company has highly competent and committed employees who develop and produce ready‑mixed concrete. Concrete is an amazing and sustainable construction material. It is natural, beautiful, and creative. Unlike most other material being used that might only last fifty years, concrete can be described as a symbol of sustainability.

After all, what other buildings stand for more than 2,000 years, such as the ancient concrete buildings in Rome?

We care and want to make a difference.

Latest news and stories

Team Thomas
Sustainability Report 2023

Discover how Team Thomas harmonizes products, services and broad industry knowledge to drive the development of sustainable, low carbon concrete construction.

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