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Road to Zero-Carbon Concrete

Thomas Concrete hosted the "Road to Zero Carbon Concrete" event in Raleigh, NC, highlighting sustainable practices and innovations in concrete technology.

Concrete as a sustainable material

The event aimed to communicate Thomas Concrete’s Green Offer to the Raleigh market and explain how THOMAGREEN® concrete can reduce the environmental impact of buildings. As the Concrete Specialists, we provided an overview of concrete as a sustainable material and shared broader industry insights on the roadmap to zero carbon concrete.
The presentation highlighted decarbonization commitments from both the cement and concrete industries, emphasizing unified efforts across the supply chain. Karin Gäbel, Sustainability Manager for Thomas Concrete Group, presented on global research in Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS), focusing on Heidelberg Materials’ industrial-scale carbon capture facility in Brevik, Norway.
Karin Gäbel, Sustainability Manager for Thomas Concrete Group

Innovative research and market insights

Joy Davidson, Sustainability Manager for Thomas Concrete Inc, discussed ongoing research and methods at Thomas Concrete to reduce environmental impact, including testing alternative binders, mix optimization, and strength-enhancing admixtures, all available under Our Green Offer. Tyler Krantz, Technical Services Manager for Thomas Concrete in Raleigh, provided insights into concrete mix designs and answered technical questions regarding chemical admixtures, set times, and concrete maturity testing.
The event also addressed market forces driving demand for low-carbon products and environmental product declarations. Research from MIT Innovation Lab, Dodge Data & Analytics, and CBRE shows a positive correlation between increased building asset value and green building certifications. This financial benefit has led many commercial property developers to prioritize materials and designs qualifying for LEED and Green Globes programs, which often require third-party EPDs for full credit.
Joy Davidson, Sustainability Manager for Thomas Concrete, presents the Value of Green Building Features and Certifications

Engaging the industry

Held at the award-winning AIANC Center for Architecture and Design, which was designed by architect Frank Harmon with sustainable principles in mind, the event was introduced by Richard Alsop, a North Carolina architect passionate about sustainable development and communication between specifiers and material suppliers. Thirty-two attendees participated in the event, with many engaging in the Q&A session. Several customers noted their companies are beginning their carbon reduction journeys, focusing on internal education and low-carbon procurement options to reduce their carbon footprints.

To explore more about our sustainability initiatives, events, workshops, and presentations on various sustainability topics, visit our Sustainability Communication page


Joy Davidson

Joy Davidson

Sustainability Manager

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