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THOMAGREEN® in Athens Area Habitat for Humanity home

Thomas Concrete played a pivotal role in the Athens Area Habitat for Humanity’s “Build With Strength” home, which utilized innovative insulating concrete forms (ICFs) to combat climate change.
The ICFs featured a THOMAGREEN® mix that reduced CO2 emissions by incorporating fly ash and injecting CO2 gas, enhancing both the quality and sustainability of the concrete. This project underscores Thomas Concrete’s commitment to sustainability and our leadership in utilizing carbon capture technology.
During the event, speeches by Governor Brian Kemp and Mayor Kelly Girtz highlighted the importance of such innovations in addressing affordable housing issues. The home, built with Thomas Concrete’s materials, promises enhanced energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and superior durability. For a detailed account of the event and to learn more about the contributions of Thomas Concrete, read the full article here.
Justin Lazenby

Justin Lazenby

Director of Technical Services

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