Thomas Concrete Group is now investing in vehicles of the future

Buys Sweden’s first series-produced electric-powered concrete truck


27 September 2021

Thomas Concrete Group is now investing in its first 100 % electric-powered concrete truck.
The truck from Volvo Truck Corporation will be primarily used for distribution of climate-improved concrete, which considerably reduces CO2 emissions, like the truck.
The truck will be driven in the Gothenburg region and it is estimated to reduce exhaust emissions by around 180 tonnes of carbon dioxide during a ten-year period.

One of Sweden’s largest concrete producers, Thomas Concrete Group, is now beginning to invest in fossil-free vehicles. First up is a Volvo FE Electric from Volvo Trucks, which is the first series-produced concrete truck in Sweden.

– “We see the investment as the next step in our sustainability work and a test project for the entire construction industry in terms of determining how a fully electric concrete truck works in daily operations with all of the strains that entails,” says Hans Karlander, CEO of Thomas Concrete Group.

 Thomas Concrete Group Volvo Ellectric 2

Photo: Joakim Blomquist

Volvo Truck Corporation and Thomas Concrete Group have also signed a letter of Intent (LOI) where they agree to learn from each other and collaborate in the transition to more sustainable transport solutions.

The truck has been developed to meet a growing demand for reduced emissions and noise, especially in sensitive metropolitan areas. This is a major step towards more climate-smart transports.
Besides reduced environmental impact, the electric power also means lower noise levels. The modern and spacious cab contributes to a better working environment for drivers and others working nearby.

– “This is an important piece of the puzzle in our dedicated sustainability work begun long ago, which has its sights set on delivering completely climate-neutral concrete by 2030,” says Hans Karlander, CEO of Thomas Concrete Group.

Thomas Concrete Group will use the lessons learned from operating a new fully electric concrete truck also in their other markets in the U.S. and Europe.

The electric-powered concrete truck will operate from the Group’s subsidiary, Thomas Betong’s concrete plant in Mölndal and primarily deliver climate-improved concrete (Thomagrön) to various construction projects in the Gothenburg area.

To begin with, the electric truck will be used for the Korsvägen and Central Station phases of the West Link project in Gothenburg. Together, they are Sweden’s largest-ever construction projects with climate-improved concrete. In total, the CO2 emissions will be reduced by 36,000 tonnes only for the Central Station project, compared with the use of conventional ready-mixed concrete.

– “Since this is our first series-produced electric concrete truck that we are delivering on the Swedish market, it feels extra special that it will deliver concrete that has a considerably lower climate footprint,” says Roger Alm, Volvo Truck’s CEO.

The truck will soon be put to use instead of a traditional diesel truck. Volvo FE Electric has a range of around 200 km and is ideal for the intended task, which includes runs of around 150 km per day. The truck will be charged overnight at the newly built charging station at Thomas Betong’s plant in Mölndal.

– “With this venture, we are leading the way for the entire industry ahead of the big shift to fossil-free concrete trucks,” concludes Hans Karlander.

 Thomas Concrete Group Volvo Ellectric

For more information, please contact:
Hans Karlander, President and CEO of Thomas Concrete Group AB | Phone: +46 10 450 50 55


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Thomas Concrete Group is a Swedish family-owned corporate group that produces and distributes high-quality concrete products and services. The company was established in Karlstad, Sweden in 1955 by Martin Thomas and currently conducts operations in the U.S., Poland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. The head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Group has 2,100 employees, produced 5.4 million m3 of concrete and had sales of more than SEK 7.5 billion in 2020. The subsidiary in USA is called Thomas Concrete Inc.