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Sustainability Report 2022 – Thomas Concrete Group and Thomas Concrete Inc


Thomas Concrete Group, which includes Thomas Concrete Inc, is presenting its 2022 Sustainability Report.
The report shows a recurring theme: effective collaboration between the actors in construction projects, together with climate-improved concrete, offers a very large potential to lower the construction industry's total climate footprint.

Sustainability Report 2021 – Thomas Concrete Group and Thomas Concrete Inc


Thomas Concrete Group, which includes Thomas Concrete Inc, is presenting its 2021 Sustainability Report.
The report shows that in-depth research is underway to develop new, alternative binders, which will give concrete a lower carbon footprint. In addition, it can be read that the company will develop a plan in 2022 to be able to offer completely carbon-neutral concrete in the future.

Thomas Concrete, Inc. Acquires Benton Ready Mix of Florence, Inc.


Thomas Concrete, Inc. Acquires Benton Ready Mix of Florence, Inc.

Florence, South Carolina, January 7, 2022 – Thomas Concrete, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of Benton Ready Mix of Florence, Inc. in Florence, SC, and welcomes the employees of Benton Ready Mix who are joining Team Thomas.

The acquisition will bring Thomas Concrete’s high-quality, sustainable, ready-mix concrete products to the Florence market while expanding Thomas Concrete’s position as a leading supplier in this key growth area. With this important addition of team members and assets, Thomas Concrete will strengthen its industry leadership in safety, quality, and sustainability.

“Our acquisition of Benton Ready Mix of Florence complements our offering in South Carolina. This investment expands our service reach, geographically fits well with our Myrtle Beach and Columbia businesses, allows us to serve our existing customers better, and welcomes new customers to Thomas. I am very excited about today’s announcement in this growing area and believe it will enhance our position as the Concrete Specialists.” Alan Wessel, CEO Thomas Concrete Inc.

“I am thrilled to welcome the great group of professionals from Benton Ready Mix of Florence to Thomas Concrete. We look forward to bringing Team Thomas’s culture vision and high-quality concrete to Florence, South Carolina, and the greater areas of Florence and Darlington Counties.” Thomas Owens, VP GM Thomas Concrete Inc.

About Thomas Concrete Inc. – Thomas Concrete has served customers as a leading supplier of high-quality readymixed concrete in the Southeast for over 30 years. By combining the delivery of concrete with our wide range of services, we can provide complete and effective solutions for commercial, residential, and infrastructure projects. We are The Concrete Specialists.

At Thomas Concrete, we have the vision to reduce our long-term environmental impact in all local and global processes. We will continually strive to develop products for the sustainable society of tomorrow. Thomas Concrete is a member of the Swedish, family-owned company Thomas Concrete Group, established in 1955, operating in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Norway.




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