Welcome to Thomas Concrete Group

We are an independent and family owned Group producing and distributing high quality ready-mixed concrete to commercial and residential customers. Our success is built on the added value we offer in exceptional personal service and technical competence. Our entire Group has a strong focus on environmental responsibility and employee welfare. We regard ourselves “The Concrete Specialists”.



Our strategic platform “It is all about us” is a solid base for our reasoning and we make it part of our daily life - it’s all about us and how we perform as a team. Our heritage, culture, vision, mission and customer offer include what makes us Team Thomas. Read more here arrow red


Thomas Concrete Group was established in 1955 by the Swedish engineer Martin Thomas. The company is still owned by the Thomas family, and today, we have operations in USA, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Norway. Our headquarters are located in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the same facilities that it has always been.


Owner: The Thomas family
CEO: Hans Karlander
Chairman of the Board: Finn Johnsson


Key figures Thomas Concrete Group (2022)

Consolidated turnover: SEK 10.500 million, EUR 950 million, USD 1.050 million
Number of plants: 165 concrete plants and 4 plants for pre-casted slabs and walls
Concrete production: 5.9 million m³ 
Number of employees: 2.200


Geographical Overview Plants (2021)

USA: Thomas Concrete Inc, 73 concrete plants
Sweden: Thomas Betong, 37 concrete plants, 4 precast plants
Germany: Thomas Beton GmbH, 32 concrete plants
Poland: Thomas Beton, Sp.z.o.o, 19 concrete plants, 1 precast plant