My Concrete® Customer Portal

We are happy to introduce our new Customer Portal. The portal is available to all our customers.

Below you find a short presentation of the features that are available in the customer portal.

If you have any questions related to the new customer portal, or if you want to become a user, contact your local sales office. They are happy to help you! 




     Get an overview of your projects
     A dashboard in the customer portal show you all your active projects and the
     volume related to them. You will be able to see how much that have been
     quoted, planned and delivered for each of your projects.

     Manage and plan your projects
View relevant project information, like volume, delivery plant, start date and
     end date. With this information, you have the possibility to follow up on your
     project deliveries and planned orders.

     Manage and plan your orders
View relevant order data, like volume, confirmation date, ordered volume
     and products. You will see all planned, completed and cancelled orders
     in the customer portal. 

     View and download your delivery tickets
     All your delivery tickets are available for downloading.

     View and download your invoices
     All your invoices are available for downloading.

     Manage your profile settings
     Keep your contact information updated by managing your profile settings
     directly in the customer portal. You are also able to manage your notification
     preferences directly in the customer portal. 

     Manage your team members
Choose your team members and their access to the customer portal. Users
     can have different roles in the portal, allowing them to see only certain data.
     The user management is done by the person you choose to be administrator.

     Export data for analysis in Excel or Power BI
     You are able to export all project, order, delivery, and invoice data in the
     customer portal. This enables you to improve and plan your business
     better, by analysing performd and planned activities. 

     Log in with your Thomas ID or use your social account
It should be easy to log in to a customer portal, and therefore, we have
     provided you the posisbility to log in with any social account connected to
     the Email adress you have registered at us. 

     Give your ideas for future development of the portal
We at Thomas are always striving to provide you the best services possible
     and are therefore happy to receive your feedback and ideas for future
     development of the customer portal.