We care for the environment


   A green customer offer

Thomas Miljöstomme® is a sustainable building system with 30 % lowered carbon footprint, launched in Sweden 2016. In USA we are offering our customers Thomagreen, produced with CarbonCure™ technology. By end 2016, over 1 000 tons of CO2 had been prevented from affecting the environment.

   Closing the loop

12 000 m3 concrete residues were recycled in Germany during 2016. We are aiming towards a circular economy on our raw materials, which is why we are committed to recycle concrete and waste water in all our companies.

   Reducing emissions

Implementation of an eco-driving program reduced fuel consumption by 10 % in Poland during 2016. We are focusing on minimising emissions from production sites and transportation fleet by optimising energy efficiency and introducing renewable fuels.