New Sustainability Report from Thomas Concrete Group

Gothenburg, April 9th 2020

Thomas Concrete Group published its first Sustainability Report in 2016. Since then, the company has remained focused on continued improvement in sustainability and on clear reporting of the company’s long-term sustainability practices.

Over the years, Thomas Concrete Group has invested in developing methods for cleaner, more efficient production, and in the use of alternative binders for traditional cement. Already in 2012, Thomas Concrete Group was the first in Sweden to offer its customers a significantly more climate-friendly concrete known as ThomagrönTM. ThomagrönTM is now a well established product in the Swedish market, providing concrete with up to 50% lower climate impact. Thomas Miljöstomme® was launched in 2016 and offers a completely unique building system with a 30% lower carbon footprint.

Ten of Thomas Concrete Group’s plants in Germany are certified with CSC (Concrete Sustainable Council) an international sustainability system, aiming to more transparency in concrete production and insight to the entire process of the value chain.
In 2016 the company introduced Carbon CureTM technology in the USA, where carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes is being added to the concrete, which optimizes the concrete mix and reduces its carbon
footprint by 5–6 %.

The company also offers its customers EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for specific projects.
"This is a step towards more transparency and giving our customers the opportunity to make significantly more sustainable choices," says Karin Gäbel, Sustainability Manager, who was recently employed by Thomas Concrete Group to drive and coordinate the group's sustainability work.
The entire construction industry is working towards becoming a climate-neutral industry and Thomas Concrete Group is actively contributing with competence in several projects. Betcrete is a project underway to achieve a completely climate-neutral cement and concrete industry. Another interesting research project is Mistra Carbon Exit, with the aim of achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden.

“Within Team Thomas, we have the ambition to support our customers in building a long-term sustainable society. That's why we always put words and symbolic actions aside and focus on achieving sustainability for real. Our Sustainability Report shows how we measure, follow up and take responsibility for our operations as well as what areas we prioritize to best contribute to the development of society," says Hans Karlander, Thomas Concrete Group's President and CEO.

>> Team Thomas Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF)

For more information contact:

Karin Gäbel, Sustainability Manager, Thomas Concrete Group AB | Telephone: +46 10 450 52 01

About Thomas Concrete Group AB
The Thomas Concrete Group is a Swedish family-owned business which produces and distributes high-quality concrete for site-cast construction. The company was established in 1955 in Karlstad, Sweden, by Martin Thomas and today operates in the USA, Poland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. The head office is in Gothenburg. The Group has 2,100 employees and produced 5.5 million cubic meters of concrete 2019, with sales in excess of SEK 7.7 billion.