Technical Support

We also offer various services supporting our customers at their construction sites, before, during and after casting. We conduct tests for quality control and to access consistency and compressive strength.


Hot Weather Concreting arrow red

Hot weather is defined as any combination of high ambient temperature, high concrete temperature, low relative humidity, wind speed, or solar radiation that tends to impair the quality of the freshly mixed or hardened concrete


Laboratory Support

We offer testing of the concrete, both in-house tests and at construction site.Our Technical Team tests raw materials and products to ensure a quality product isdelivered to your site. 


Strength Measurement of the Finished Structure

We can help you with the measurement of temperature and with the strength development, to ensure that you have reached the correct strength for formwork removal.


Moisture and Desiccation Design 

Our authorized controllers measure moisture in concrete.


Quality Control

We can test the properties of fresh and hardened concrete.