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Ready-mixed concrete 

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Concrete has always been in focus at Thomas. During the 60 years that we have been on the market, we have gained experience which has resulted in number of innovative concrete products and solutions.


At Thomas Concrete we are designing, producing and delivering a wide range of high-performance ready-mixed concrete along with screed, surface treatment solutions and light-weight filling materials, always with the environment in mind.


We deliver our concrete products to various projects within Residential, Non-residential and Infrastructure areas.


Read more about our concrete products within every group.


   Tailor-made Concrete Products by Thomas

For special and demanding constructions and applications, we design tailor-made products that fulfil all the requirements and needs for the specific project and customer wishes. We regard ourselves The Concrete Specialists® and have over the years developed a number of various tailor-made solutions together with our customers.

   Thomas' Branded Concrete Products  

Ready-mixed concrete, e.g.



   Special Purpose Concrete products



  • High-Strength Concrete, HSC
  • High Early-strength Concrete
  • Rapid Drying/Self Desiccating Concrete
  • Light-Weight Concrete
  • Heavy-Weight Concrete
  • Waterproof/Watertight Concrete
  • Low Shrinkage Concrete/Shrinkage Compensated Concrete
  • Permeable/Pervious Concrete
  • Mass Concrete
  • Slip-forming Concrete
  • Roller-compacted Concrete, RCC
  • Freeze-thaw tested Concrete and Frost-Resistant Concrete (Air entrained)
  • Acid-Resistant Concrete


Easy handling, better working environment:

  • Self-Compacting Concrete, SCC
  • Fibre-Reinforced Concrete, FRC
  • Flooring Concrete (with improved finishing characteristics)



  • Coloured Concrete and Architectural / Visual Concrete
  • Pattern-Imprinted Concrete
  • Wall Concrete (with improved surface characteristics)

   Standard ready-mixed concrete

Concrete mixes with standard requirements, based on national standards (e.g. EN 206). Every mix is produced according to specifications from a customer e.g strength, consistency, aggregate size, workability and exposure conditions (classes).

   Other products

We also offer complementary products such as screeds and surface treatment solutions, as well as light-weight filling materials, e.g.

  • Flowable-Fill Concrete / Foamed Concrete
  • High Flow slurry for pipe fill