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Thomas Concrete has produced and delivered ready-mixed concrete to the American market for more than 30 years. By using the experience we have gained during this time, and through our cooperation with the product development and technology companies within the group, Thomas Concrete can offer a wide range of services as a complement to our products. Regardless of the compleixty of your project, our experienced technicians will find the solution. 



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Concrete transportation

We transport high quality ready-mixed concrete where you want, when you want. Our goal is to be at site, on time, and to provide our customers with excellent service. By owning all of our ready-mixed concrete trucks, we are in control of the transport and can ensure a high service level for our customers.       

Thomas Concrete technical consultation

Technology consultation

Through an open dialogue with our customers, at the initial stage of the project, we are able to advise and create a concrete mix of the appropriate class and the correct consistency, that meets customer needs and project requirements.

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Project development

We offer support in early stages, before establishing tender documents.

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Strength prognosis in cold weather

We can help you with strength prognosis for our products in cold weather. We can advise you on different products, and other cold weather arrangements, to ensure that you achieve your goal for formwork removal on time.

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Heated concrete

By installing a heating device, we are able to deliver concrete to construction even at lower outdoor temperatures. 

Thomas Concrete Research and Development

Calculating cracking risks 

We can predict the heat and temperature differences in massive structures, and in that way, provide our customer with advice on product selection, as well as measures, to minimize the cracking risks.

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Moisture and desiccation design

We help you to select the right products.

Thomas Concrete Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint optimization

We can help with solutions for carbon footprint reduction.

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We hold courses, specialized after customer demand or project, on all aspects of construction with ready-mixed concrete.